Bohning Premium Point For VAP
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Bohning's Parabolic Break-off Points fit arrows with an ID of .166" (commonly known as 4mm) and feature two detachable 10 grain weight sections to find your arrow's tuning sweet spot.
A tight fit along the full length of the point shank ensures great alignment while evenly spaced grooves hold the appropriate amount of adhesive needed to keep your point securely in place.
All .166 Parabolic Break-off Points are 100-110-120 grain weight, and they are available in three different diameters.

  • Type I: For shafts with an OD up to .218" (5.54mm)
  • Type II: For shafts with an OD of .219" to .228" (5.56 - 5.79mm)
  • Type III: For shafts with an OD of .229" (5.82mm) and up.