Hoyt Compound Bow Ventum 30
Price RM4,999.00
Brand Hoyt
Availability Special Oder
  • Compact 30” axle to axle length.
  • High performance Aluminium TEC riser.
  • HBX three track cam system with a single cam size for all draw lengths.
  • Two different modules ensure optimal performance at each draw length.
  • In-built let-off adjustment for 80 or 85%.
  • Bow press free adjustment.
  • Vibration killing design for optimal performance, no hand shock, and a quiet shot.
  • Spacer system allows for precision tuning on both top and bottom cam.
  • Dovetail integration for QAD Rest.
  • Included Pic Rail mount allows for mounting a compatible sight in line with the bow for improved shot balance and reduced weight.
  • Short Stop Stabilizer comes with the bow, and low mounting position gives the stability of a longer stabilizer.
  • Please note bows ship with one module only – choose the correct draw length range for your needs. Module can also be purchased seperately.