Beiter Pin Nocks Symmetric Hunter (25pcs)
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Brand Beiter
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  • The Beiter Hunter-Nock was designed for Compound Archers with D-Loop. Hunter-Nocks are "symmetric" because only with this shooting style, release and nock are in one line, which means: this is the only symmetric way to shoot in archery!
  • Each Nock size has only one single mold. This offers the highest precision and lowest tolerances. Every single Nock of one size comes out of the same mold.
  • The Hunter-Nock does not pinch on the nocking point, it rests there with a spring effect. The working life is therefore much higher and -  very important - the Beiter Hunter-Nock guarantees constant release from the bowstring, shot after shot.
  • The Beiter Hunter-Nock can be shot without problem with all known nocking points.