Tru Ball Release Executive Quick Silver Brass (M)
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Brand Tru Ball
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The Executive hinge release by T.R.U. Ball in collaboration with professional archer Christopher Perkins is a highly adjustable, professional-quality release. The micro-adjustable head gives a full quarter-inch of movement in and out. This is perfect for the days you get to the shoot and the bow might feel a little short or a little long, you can adjust on the fly without having to change your d-loops or adjust your cables. You’ll find two micro-adjust sears on this release, the first one adjusts the click length and the second will adjust the back-tension speed. The brass handle and anodized aluminum head provide a solid, high-quality feel when using this release. Overall, if you’re looking for a high-quality release with the ability to fine-tune for a perfect fit, The Executive by TruBall is a superb choice!


  • Designed in collaboration with Professional Archer Christopher Perkins
  • Micro-adjustable head length; full ¼ inch of in and out movement to avoid changing D-loops or playing with your cables
  • Head adjustment can also make it more comfortable for archers with larger fingers
  • Two independent micro-adjustable sears: one for speed, one for click
  • Adjust the click length to what you like or set it to no click at all
  • Featuring Christopher Perkins’ signature
  • Available in Medium only
  • Construction: Brass with a Quicksilver Finish
  • Made in the U.S.A.